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Second Strike Slot

Second Strike Slot


In one of the most anticipated slots to come from the amazing team over at Quickspin comes Second Strike, a 5-reel, 10-payline slot with an innovative new feature and a dazzling display of symbols on the reels. It’s a classic video slot and images are reminiscent of the fruit machines and pokies of old, except this game brings a new level of gameplay to the table.


The game is incredibly colorful which cheered us up immediately when we took our test spins on the game. The symbols are bright as well and feature classic icons like diamonds, sevens, stars, bells, watermelons, grapes, plums and cherries. There is also a Wild symol in the game which is easy to spot as it has the word “WILD” written across it.  The music is catchy and sort of sound like a laid back ’70s era tune.  The real prize in this game however comes in the feature from which the game was named after, the Second Strike!


Second Strike Slot Features


Second Strike Feature – This feature is initiated on any symbol line win. The second strike feature adds symbols to the reels if the outer wheel stops on the symbol from any initiating line win. 6 to 10 extra symbols will be added to the game for additional wins. The number of extra symbols are determined by the length of the longest paying line of that symbol. 3 of a kind wins 6 extra symbols, 4 oak wins 8 extra symbols, and 5 oak wins 10 extra symbols!


Golden Wilds – The Golden box is the Wild in this game and will substitute for all symbols in the game. They aren’t present on the outerwheel of the game and will not replace symbols during the Second Strike feature but hit them during normal play and watch your winning scream in!


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Second Strike

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