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Hall of the Mountain King

Hall of the Mountain King

Hall of the Mountain King


Deep inside the mountain, in the vast lands of the north, lives the king of trolls. He likes to tease wanderers such as yourself, and he will whisper promises of huge treasures to lure you into his hall.  Will he keep his promise? Step into the Hall of the Mountain King to find out in this exciting 20 line slot from Quickspin! Also, watch out when he swings his big hammer, as it changes the landscape and increases your chances of winning big!


Inspired by the famous classical piece “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg, this game will increase in intensity as you move forward in the game, just like the rhythm of the music. You’ll reach climax at the end of the Free Spins bonus game, and when you get out, you’ll definitely need to catch your breath before chasing it again!


Slot Features


Multiplier Meter – Every time you win in a spin, it gets multiplied by the indicated multiplier in the multiplier meter! There are five different values in the meter, and which number you get is determined by how many Wild symbols you get in the spin. The Multiplier Meter can also be upgraded in the Free Spins Bonus game!


Stacked Wilds – There are Stacked Wild on the reels that, combined with the multiplier meter, gives you the opportunity to win really big!


Free Spins Bonus – When you get 3 Scatter Symbols, it will trigger the Free Spins Bonus game! The bonus game consists of three stages. Anytime you win in stage one or two, the Troll King will break one of the blocks in the upgrade meter on your right, which will activate an upgrade of that stage. He might also break the bottom block of the multiplier meter, which will upgrade all the multipliers in that meter! When the king breaks the top block in the upgrade column, you will progress to the next stage in the bonus game.

These are the three stages of the bonus game:

  • Stage 1: Remove low value symbols and replace with high value symbols
  • Stage 2: Collect whirling wilds (upgrade)
  • Stage 3: All whirling wilds will come down in 3 intense spins



Choose your bet size and number of line to play and then Spin to Win!

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How to play

Choose your bet size and number of line to play and then Spin to Win!

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