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At Slots Promo you’ll can play some of the most entertaining free online slots on the planet and that includes the exclusive i-Slots™ created by Rival Powered casino software. Rival started developing slots and casino games in 2005 and i-Slots™ were the differentiating game in their casino suite.

What the i-Slots™ did was take a standard 5-reel video slot and add layers of intricate storylines and plots on top so you could immerse yourself more completely in the game! A game like Reel Crime: Art Heist will take you on one of the biggest art heists the world has ever seen with notorious French art thieves Remy and Raoul.  Follow along as they capture masterpiece after masterpiece, all the while you spin the reels and win cash like a real slots game!

One of the best parts of the i-Slot™ is that the game is a multi-state game and it saves your progress. For example, if you were playing the golf game Hole In Won and had advanced to the Bonus Round of the 9th hole, if you left the game and returned, the game’s memory would remember that!

All in all, the i-Slots™ are incredibly intelligent slot machines and best of, you have the chance at winning some real cash while being entertained.  It’s a win-win!